Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

Tis the season… You’ve probably noticed that we’ve entered December and the dreaded “Holiday Season.” Your stress level is probably headed toward the red line and I don’t want to add to it, but you really should be paying attention to self defense. This is one of the most perilous times of the year. Let’s […]

center line

What is Center Line?

Understanding the location and function of center line is one of the basic principles of all martial arts. In any potential conflict the person who has the best control of his center line is likely to be the victor. This is true whether or not you’re using a weapon Martially your center is a spot […]


Aikido Basics Seminars in Las Vegas

We are having a series of three In Depth Aikido Basics seminars in January and February!  We will be delving in the basic techniques of Ikkyo, Kokyu, and Irimi Nage, each in their own afternoon session on January 8, January 22, and February 12, 2017 from 12:30 to 4:00 each session  The seminars are hosted […]

#GivingTuesday – Realworld Personal Defense

For #GivingTuesday, consider donating to Realworld Personal Defense.   Realworld is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, founded in April 2002.  Our goal is to bring the benefits of Aikido, Tai Chi, cane, meditation, and other esoteric arts to ever larger communities. When most people think about martial arts they’re distracted by the violent and competitive aspects, but […]

What is Center?

What is Center? There’s a big universe out there.  We find ourselves plopped down into it without much instruction or guidance.  How do we know what to do?  How should life be lived?  What’s right and wrong?  How and why are we here?  Beats me. Some people answer these questions with an organized religion.  Others […]

When do you fight?

When do you fight? I don’t take violence lightly.  I would never hurt someone for the money in my wallet.  (Would you pay $40 to keep a stranger from being maimed?  I would.  Therefore I won’t cripple somebody for a little cash.)  But I do think there are times when violence must be met with […]