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Temple of the Circus Monkey

For hundreds of years spirituality and the word of god were spread by itinerant preachers and traveling salvation shows. Pitch a tent outside of town and save some souls. The TCM harkens back to this simple time. No building, no hierarchy, or bureaucracy, just our little electronic outpost. Click on a link, find a community, hear some preachin’, then go home and do it yourself. Come on by and visit.


Desert Monkey Dojo

Desert Monkey Dojo is serious training for less than serious people. Classes and seminars. We’re a martial arts school catering to students who are more interested in self improvement than violence, sport, or trophies. We believe in training hard, but always with a sense of Joy. We are not a traditional dojo and don’t teach martial arts in the traditional ways.

And coming soon, Desert Monkey Digital Dojo.


Who is Angus?

I grew up in KY, TN, MI, and NY. I got thrown out of SUNY purchase for drug use and failing grades. I kind of graduated from Hunter College 3 years later with a double BA in History and Psychology. I considered attending grad school, but studied martial arts and Zen instead. I earned black belts in both Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan and studied other arts less seriously. I’ve washed dishes, worked in a warehouse, spent 4 years at IBM, managed and then bought for a chain of independent bookstores, been a personal trainer specializing in mind-body relationships, started a dojo, founded a nonprofit, worked with high need kids, and started the Temple of the Circus Monkey. As an adult, I’ve lived in NYC, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. I like girls, sex, motorcycles, whiskey, eating out, Coca-Cola, hard boiled detective stories, bad movies, and game shows. I teach, write, ride, and mess around. I have the attention span of a teenage gnat. I am the Archbishop and I will lead the Revolution. Vaya con Dios and Viva la Revolucion.


The Books

Cane Books

Our Cane books are both a great starting place for cane beginners and a valuable resource for experienced martial artists.  It includes both basic and advanced techniques, as well as a general review of cane issues.  Stances, grips, strikes, chokes, and movement are discussed in some detail.

Self Defense Books

Our Self Defense books  give you great tips on how to stay safer and protect yourself in bad situations. Everyone, even the toughest and most experienced fighter might learn something.

Self Improvement Books

Self improvement is accessible to everyone in our exercise and building your own practice books. Learn basic tips on how to create the change so that you can be a happier, more satisfied you!

Other Books

We are not solely focused on self improvement and self defense, we encourage and support everyone’s ability to speak their mind and have their own voice and so have other offerings as well.


The Canes

The BadAss Cane

The BadAss Cane is a strong, 36 inch long, 3/4 inch thick hickory cane that’s been modified for better use as a weapon. The crook has been cut down, the hand grip has been extended, and a heavyweight ferrule is placed on the bottom. It’s available in four different stains to suit your styling tastes. There is nothing that will keep this cane from going through metal detectors or keep it from qualifying as a necessary disabled appliance.

The Training Cane

The Training Cane is a stripped down version of the same strong, 36 inch long, 3/4 inch thick hickory cane with a trimmed down crook. You probably won’t find a tougher, more reasonable cane on the web.

How do I measure the correct cane length?

Generally speaking, proper cane length is about one half of the person’s height while wearing shoes.

To measure the proper length for your cane, take the measurement from the second crease in your wrist to the floor on the side you will be using the cane. Remember to stand as you usually do, relax, and let your arms hang at your sides with a natural bend in your elbow. Wear the shoes you normally wear when you take the measurement. If you don’t have someone to help measure you, use a yard stick and where the second crease of your wrist hits the yardstick is the length you will need. If you do have a condition that prevents you from standing up straight, measure the distance from the crease of your wrist to the floor in the position that you walk.


The Un-Weapons

The ultimate Un-Weapons are everyday items that you have on your person that aren’t going to get you hassled for carrying. Check out our line of self protection jewelry and accessories.


The Gear

Look hot while staying cool! Show off in our cool designs with our T-shirts, hoodies, and other gear.



Shipping and Processing

Order are processed and shipped within 1-2 days.

US Shipping

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International orders

At the moment, contact us directly for international orders to see if we can make arrangements to get your order where you want it!

Custom Shipping

Need it fast or have special requests?

If you need something faster or by a certain date? Contact us and we can see if we can arrange for special shipments.

Custom Product Requests

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask! We might be able to accommodate a special request such as being able to cut down the length of the cane to fit your size. Do you want to see if we can ship something to you by a certain date? Or perhaps there is a color Stick or Cane you would really, really want  or customization of jewelry – chances are we can make your wish come true. But you never know unless you ask, so contact us with your request today!




Check out what people are saying about the books!

Angus, I wanted to thank you for your product and your decision to share your knowledge. Everyone in your company is very professional and helpful. I am a Private Security Contractor. And I do work all over the World. I recently had to have back surgery and found myself in need of a cane for a few months. I am used to close quarter combat and lethal engagements. I have never had to find a use for a cane before now. After finding your literature and your product I have made my 41″ cane a permanent part of my “unarmed” attire. . My discipline of choice is Krav Maga and I Love the way I have been able to incorporate this tool into my style. Your no nonsense way of teaching struck a chord with me. And I tell everyone I talk to about your book, your philosophy and your product! I plan on taking your product into many, many story telling opportunities. Keep up your work and always watch your 6! ~ Scott

EVERY day at work I am using the language, thoughts and actions that I have embraced as a way of life…I will always be available to attest to the positive work and relationships that I have formed with Angus and Sharon. – Jason

I have to tell you I am loving the book I bought from Angus. I have to buy the others when I have the extra. I laughed so hard while reading them I had people looking at me like I was nuts. I could hear him talking to me while reading the book. LOVE IT! ~ Bonnie

Just the thing for the thinking person. I have carried a cane for security for 20 years and this book has shown me quite a few new tricks. Just the tips on being more aware of everything around you should help everyone. Get a cane, get the book, be secure. – J.H.

Enough Already – Of equally consideration there are some things worth listening too. This book of wisdom is worth its weight in gold. The author is both a great writer and a wise man, but has an amazing sense of purpose and humor. I have purchased several copies and shared them with friends, who can use the knowledge and wisdom contained within. – Hadley

BadAss Cane – Awesome Cane! Satisfied Customer! RECOMMENDED!! A+A+A+++ – theblueblur

Easy to read. great self protection moves. – vicki

Enough Already – Angus has a unique way of blending his unique sense of humor with his wisdom. This book didn’t just share wisdom, but gives the reader tools to activating and making positive change in his or her life. I love that his book is straight to the point and simple, yet the lessons are profound. I highly recommend this book to everyone! – Caroline

Hey Angus I just wanted to write and tell you that I really enjoyed your book. I thought it was a very entertaining, informative read and I found it to be pretty tough to put down. – Josh

Stream of consciousness talk on self defense — tiberius2

Get Off Your Ass – This is yet another welcome addition to my collection of this authors work, it gave me the push I needed to get off my butt and get motivated, simplistic and yet highly motivational. Thanks a lot for the push, Angus McIntosh – Hadley