Self Defense 101 & The BadAss Cane




Title: Self Defense 101 & The BadAss Cane
Author: Angus McIntosh
Format: paperback
ISBN: 978-1461102502
Publisher: TCM Publishing
Number of Pages: 214
Publication Date: 2011

In order to fully enjoy the world, you need the confidence that comes from knowing you can protect yourself. Self Defense 101 will give you the specific skills you need to stay safe and protect yourself.

The Man says you can’t carry weapons. But the Man messed up. He says you can carry a cane. The BadAss Cane will show you how to use the cane and explain how the law allows you to carry it anywhere. It is appropriate for both the complete beginner and the accomplished martial artist. Besides, canes are fun and they look cool.

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Angus, I wanted to thank you for your product and your decision to share your knowledge. Everyone in your company is very professional and helpful. I am a Private Security Contractor. And I do work all over the World. I recently had to have back surgery and found myself in need of a cane for a few months.  I am used to close quarter combat and lethal engagements. I have never had to find a use for a cane before now. After finding your literature and your product I have made my 41″ cane a permanent part of my “unarmed” attire. . My discipline of choice is Krav Maga and I Love the way I have been able to incorporate this tool into my style. Your no nonsense way of teaching struck a chord with me. And I tell everyone I talk to about your book, your philosophy and your product! I plan on taking your product into many, many story telling opportunities. Keep up your work and always watch your 6!  ~ Scott


I have to tell you I am loving the book I bought from Angus.  I have to buy the others when I have the extra.  I laughed so hard while reading them I had people looking at me like I was nuts.  I could hear him talking to me while reading the book.  LOVE IT! ~ Bonnie

Enough Already – Of equally consideration there are some things worth listening too. This book of wisdom is worth its weight in gold. The author is both a great writer and a wise man, but has an amazing sense of purpose and humor. I have purchased several copies and shared them with friends, who can use the knowledge and wisdom contained within. – Hadley

BadAss Cane – Awesome Cane! Satisfied Customer! RECOMMENDED!! A+A+A+++ – theblueblur

Enough Already – Angus has a unique way of blending his unique sense of humor with his wisdom. This book didn’t just share wisdom, but gives the reader tools to activating and making positive change in his or her life. I love that his book is straight to the point and simple, yet the lessons are profound. I highly recommend this book to everyone! – Caroline

EVERY day at work I am using the language, thoughts and actions that I have embraced as a way of life…I will always be available to attest to the positive work and relationships that I have formed with Angus and Sharon. – Jason

Hey Angus I just wanted to write and tell you that I really enjoyed your book. I thought it was a very entertaining, informative read and I found it to be pretty tough to put down. – Josh

Stream of consciousness talk on self defense — tiberius2

Get Off Your Ass – This is yet another welcome addition to my collection of this authors work, it gave me the push I needed to get off my butt and get motivated, simplistic and yet highly motivational. Thanks a lot for the push, Angus McIntosh – Hadley

Book received as described – very interesting web site! — dzonkey

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